X-Treme Gate


X-Treme Gate!

Don’t let X-Treme Gate’s clean, simple design fool you – it is incredibly strong and durable!

SKU: XG001


X-Treme Gate is both lighter AND stronger than ever before.  With its revolutionary new honeycomb design, it weighs only 32 POUNDS and provides up to TEN EXTRA SQUARE FEET of storage!  X-Treme Gate’s patented design allows it stow away out of the way when not in use while being permanently attached to your tailgate.

Additional information

Weight 32 lbs

(Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)

3 reviews for X-Treme Gate

  1. “X-Treme Gate gives me the extra storage room I need when hauling big loads.”

  2. “I love my new X-Treme Gate but now my dad keeps wanting to borrow my truck!”

  3. “Installation took some time and patience but it was well worth it. The extra storage space and the additional length in the bed make a huge difference. I like that it’s always with me so I don’t have to remember to load it, especially since I often don’t know in advance if and when I’ll need the extra space.”

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